My lovely puppy

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Lời bài hát

Some years ago, daddy gave me a friend
With his long hair he looks like a teddy bear
He's my best friend and I called him Puppy
Yeah yeah...

Now I'm twenty, I hang out with my friend
I'm having fun forgetting about time
But still there some things I cannot share.

Puppy will always be there for me
Silently looking at me with awhisper
Ready to listen to all my stories
He's always been my best friend.

Hello, it's such a beautiful day
Hello, are you ready go outside?
Puppy, go get your ball let's play together.

Puppy, come on don't be upset and come here
Puppy, don't go farit's time for your shower
Puppy, don't be sad I will love you forever
We will enjoy this day.

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