Baby Don't You Go Away Mad

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I must confess what you say is true
I had a rendezvous with somebody new
(But) that's the only one I ever had
Baby, baby, don'cha go 'way mad
Cheatin' shows and it never goes
You've got a reason to be mad I suppose
But she only was a passing fad
Baby, don'cha be mad
Her kind's a dime a dozen
And that's not the kind I want (I should have passed her by)
Who'd ever dream your cousin
Would wander in to that restaurant (would come along and give us the eye)
I understand that you feel (you're quite) upset
What do you say that you forgive and forget
Come on and kiss me just to show your glad
Baby, baby (baby, baby) don'cha go 'way mad
(Now don'cha go 'way mad)
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